February 13, 2020 0 By index

United failed to qualify for the final of the Carabao cup thanks to Man City’s resilience and after the game Pep Guardiola reacted to reports that the Red Devils’ fans had attacked the home of their club’s chief executive.

From being blamed for not finding an adequate successor to Alex Ferguson to the transfer sagas that saw the likes of Toni Kroos, Sergio Ramos and a host of other elite players fail to come to United thanks to one or two drawbacks the club’s chief executive deemed was not worth the trouble, every issue the club is currently now facing is being heaped on Ed Woodward and it is hard to feel pity for the man who have had the resources to get any job done but somehow keep finding ways to screw it.

Guardiola however believes everyone is unnecessarily being harsh on Woodward claiming that the squad currently in place at Old Trafford was good enough for any coach to win something significant.

With Bruno Fernandes yet to land despite being pursued all month long, failure to sing the Portuguese might be the last straw given that the fans have had to endure all season while the likes of Andreas Pereira and the potential that refused to grow up, Jesse Lingard patrol the midfield with their ineptitude.

Everyone at the club expected the Sporting Lisbon midfielder to arrive much earlier but thanks to Ed Woodward’s style of doing business where he tries to use the psychology of the transfer deadline to strong arm clubs and have them believe United is not that desperate, the deal is now set to go to the wire once again and leave the good people of Stetford’s End at the edge of their seats.

Since United can no longer land players like Kroos, one would think the lesser known ones would be easier.