Nigel De Jong Name In A Hardest Footballers Ever List

September 25, 2018 0 By index

There is one Dutchman present who appears among the international butchers and this is no other than Nigel de Jong. The player is currently 33-year-old from Amsterdam. These days, he is in a good company of big names and this includes Hristo Stoichkov, Patrick Vieira and Zlatan Ibrahimovic also gets an entry. Their names are also in the list.

But the real question here is if De Jong had stood in the same way when he had not handed out a karate kick to Xabi Alonso while being the part of the World Cup final.

Publishings this news the newspapers have written, “With the eyes of the world to you, the World Cup final is surely the last place you get away with a flying kung-fu kick against someone’s chest,” writes The Daily Mail. “Do not say that to Nigel de Jong, who actually got away with it or against Xabi Alonso. “De Jong came away with a yellow card.

The player had been made the move to Al-Ahli in Qatar. At this achievement of Alonso, some European nations are looking to value the notion of this Beautiful Game like Germany. The Germany has relatively few players to achieve notoriety in its history. The name of the players are on the list includes.

1 Hristo Stoichkov for him the comment has come ‘I used to say he was nurtured with an evil milk,’ said Johan Cruyff, the second in the list is Andoni, at the third position Gennaro Gattuso is there, fourth is Patrick Vieira, the fifth is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, sixth is Marco Materazzi. To check the name of all the top who are in the list of hardest footballer ever, check the internet. You will find the complete list here with some interesting details.