Kroos happy with the current form

November 20, 2018 0 By index

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos said that he is happy with the current form of the team. He said that it has been a difficult start to the season for his side and that they are gradually improving now. Indeed Real Madrid made a poor start to the season under Julian Lopetegui and has since then been replaced by Santiago Solari as the permanent coach of the team.

Toni Kroos believes that this is a good appointment as this will allow the team to start afresh with some new ideas. He said that the past months have been difficult as they were so much used to winning and that it was difficult for them to lose games.

He said that they now have to focus on the future and make sure that they continue to win games. He said that the team is full of quality players and that he is sure that they will be able to climb up the table. He said that La Liga is quite competitive this time around and luckily for them, they are not a lot behind the leaders.

Toni Kroos said for the moment they want to forget about the title challenge and make sure that they progress as a team. He believes that if they perform well they will be able to win games and this will allow them to reposition themselves in the title race.

He said that the objective of the team is to win La Liga as well as the Champions League. He believes that they can still achieve these objectives but this time they will have to work hard on the pitch and make sure that they give everything they can during matches. He said that the players are motivated and he is sure that the rest of the season will be much better.