Theo Walcott is one of the highest paid players in the Premier League

October 4, 2015 Off By index

Theo Walcott recently recovered from an injury which has made him unable to perform in the pitch for a substantially long period of time, however even though Walcott has not had much playing time with Arsenal, he is still considered to be a valued player in Arsenal and the 26 year old player was offered a contract extension and now Walcott is one of the highest paid players not only in Arsenal but in the entire Premier League.

After signing his new contract, Walcott is now estimated to be earning around £140,000 each week and he will be a player of Arsenal at least until 2019.

MesutOzil, Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott are the joint seventh best paid players in the top football league of England as all of them are earning the same amount and are some of the main stars in the team of Arsene Wenger.

Even though Arsenal has not won the Premier League in over 10 years, Arsenal has the 4th largest wage bill with an amount that reaches £166.4m but this does not include the latest deals which were given to PetrCech, Walcott and Sanchez all of which have recently had a change in their contracts or penned an extension.

This contract extension which was given to Theo Walcott at the end of July, SantiCazorla was another player of Arsenal who penned a new deal with the Premier League club and Arsene Wenger voiced his happiness in having secured the services of those players for an extended period of time as the French manager said:

“We’re delighted to have extended the contracts of Santi and Theo. Both are top quality players who are hugely important and influential to our squad.”

After being offered and having penned this new deal, Walcott is expected to make a bigger impact in Arsenal. During the previous season of the Premier League, Walcott was mostly used as a substitute player with only a few minutes of playing time in particular matches and one of the reasons of why he didn’t have a big role in the 2014-15 season was due to injuries but now that Walcott is recovered, he has to demonstrate and prove why he was given a contract extension.