Southampton vs Chelsea in Premier League

January 7, 2015 Off By index

In the Premier League this Sunday, Southampton would be hosting the first position holders Chelsea.

It’s the 19th game for both the teams and a much important one.

The Blues are sitting comfortably at the top of the table at the moment, but, they know City is not that far behind and it’s only a matter of one bad day.

A loss here for Chelsea would give City the opportunity to get levelled up in terms of points.

City’s goal differential is not that worse either. It’s plus 24 as compared to Chelsea’s plus 27.

Chelsea’s only defeat this season has come playing on an away ground which means that they are a team which can feel the heat at times when the crowd is not behind them and the Saints can take heart from it.

At the start of the season, many people were saying that it’s almost impossible to beat Chelsea with the kind of balanced squad that they have and they would probably go unbeaten through this entire season if their main players remain fit.

But, Newcastle has shown that Chelsea can be put on the mat and if they can do it, there is no reason why Southampton can’t.

As an outsider though, you would still like to put your money on Chelsea because they have come back from that Newcastle defeat in the best possible manner, winning their last three games on the trot and that too rather convincingly.

The Blues have not conceded a single goal in the last three games which certainly suggests that they have done a bit of work on their defence after that setback.

Southampton also has secured 6 points in their last couple of games and playing in their home conditions, they surely have a chance, but, as far as having the upper hand is concerned, it’s Chelsea which has the upper hand simply because of the strength of their squad.