May 10, 2012 0 By admin

Bayern Munich midfielder Toni Kroos has said that the club and the players are extremely wary of the threat posed by Chelsea. He also claimed that Bayern Munich are by no means favourites to lift the trophy. Bayern Munich are playing at their home ground – Allianz Arena – and it has been said that it will give the players a massive advantage over the Chelsea players. Further, Chelsea will have four players suspended for the final. Captain John Terry will be missing the match, while Ramires is the other major blow for Chelsea. In addition to this, there are also likely to miss the two replacement defenders David Luiz and Gary Cahill.

Due to these reasons, Bayern Munich have been the favourites. Yet, Toni Kroos has said that there are no favourites in the match and that Chelsea have an equal chance of winning the title. This is the second Champions League final for Chelsea. They lost the last final against Manchester United in 2008 on penalties. Many consider that the club are due a Champions League title after their endeavours to win the same in the last decade. Chelsea have come extremely close to winning the title on numerous occasions, but will be hoping that this will be their year. Bayern Munich will also be missing players in the form of Alaba. The final will be taking place on May 19.

“They defeated Barcelona with a gigantic defensive battle and that was not down to luck. That was 180 minutes of hard battle and so they deserve to be in the final. Anybody who under-estimates Chelsea does not have a clue. It is such a huge event, this game is so electrifying, but Dortmund is also roaming around in our minds – that game is similarly important,” said the midfielder.