Kroos wants improvement

June 26, 2018 0 By index

Toni Kroos said Germany will have to show some improvements in their final two games of the group stage if they want to qualify for the next phase of the tournament. The Real Madrid midfielder said that it was a disappointment to have lost the game against Mexico and that they could not expect better than this given their poor performance.



Toni Kroos said that there will be no more room for excuses and that they will have to get maximum points in their match against Sweden and Korea.He admitted that it will not be easy against Sweden and that they will have to expect the same kind of fighting spirit as well as skills than against the Mexicans.

Toni Kroos said that the team is now under pressure and that they will have to get two great results against Sweden as well as Korea. He said that the team did not perform well offensively and defensively and that this will have to change in their next games. He said that they did have chances to score but unfortunately for them, they did not take their chances.

Toni Kroos said that they lost the ball far too easily at the front and that the Mexicans were always keen to counter-attack by keeping two or three players in the opposition half. Toni Kroos said that the defeat was the result of some poor collective play and that they will have to change that for the next games.

He believes that Germany can still qualify for the next round and that they will have to give their best in order to get a result in the match against Sweden. Toni Kroos said that the Germany players know what is at stake and that they will not want to go out at the group stage of the tournament.