Kroos Inspires Teammates

August 20, 2014 Off By Liam

‘’Toni Kroos’ performance was perfect; he was quick and clear in everything he did. The new players showed their quality. We’re more confident than we were this time last year – and that’s rubbed off on the team.’’

That was the statement released by Carlo Ancelotti after Real Madrid defeated Sevilla and lifted their first title of the season. The Italian coach praised the work of his entire squad but it was a special kind applause towards one of his latest signing, Toni Kroos who majestically dictated the midfield of the team.

There are some players that need to be flashy or score goals in order to stand out but Toni Kroos is another kind of breed, a player that is silent throughout the majority of the field but it does not lower in any way the influence that the German is making for his team. Simple but precise passes is how Kroos manages to standout in his own way as he made his debut for Real Madrid during their match against Sevilla and it was a superb debut.

The Colombian James Rodriguez also made his debut with Real Madrid but he seemed to be out of place and was eventually removed from the pitch at the 72nd minute.

C.Ronaldo was hand down the star of the match as he went on to score both goals for his team but this does not lower down the impact of Toni Kroos, a player that Real Madrid managed to sign for €20 million which is considered to be an incredibly cheap price taking into consideration that Kroos is 24 years old with his entire career ahead of him.

Even at his fairly young age of 24, Kroos has already lifted the World Cup, Super Cup, Bundesliga and Champions League titles.

Real Madrid already was considered to have one of the best squads in the entire world but now with the addition of Toni Kroos, they are being taken into serious consideration of securing all the trophies in the next season with the German midfielder expected to turn into one of the main figures for Real Madrid.