Kroos Helps Germany Team To A Win

July 25, 2016 Off By index

Kroos is known to have a unique ability, to be able to set a tempo for the game that is going on.

As a result, he is able to help his Germany team players to dominate the game as well. He has shown a dominant performance this time and as a result, the team has benefited in matches like the game they played against Northern Ireland. This resulted in a win of 1-0 for the team. The team had started off with a formation of 4-2-3-1 which resulted in Khedira and Kroos being anchored on either side that allowed others like Gotze, Muller and Ozil to work as attackers. There were others who provided the needed width from fullback positions. This set up helped to get Germany win the game against Northern Ireland. Kroos has not had a smooth beginning, but he has definitely started to stir up things a bit.

Toni, who came into the team of Germany from Real Madrid, had initially misplaced a ball and even gave a vertical pass. This did not mar much of his performance, however, as he got his act in place quickly enough. He helped the team to move up the pitch with short play and vertical passes in combination. As a result, other team players were able to intertwine and create more chances to score. However the three goals that were tried initially did not work through. However, Kroos kept up his relentless persistence and he was able to help his players put in the deciding goal that helped his side to win victory that day. In the second half the opponent team started to play with intensity. They tried to break the rhythm that the Germany players set up. Kroos however, soon came back to form and his team was able to put that to advantage.