Bayern Munich Appoint Guardiola

January 17, 2013 0 By admin

Former coach of Barcelona Pep Guardiola has reportedly been assigned as the person to replace Jupp Heynckes as the next coach of the German titans Bayern Munich.

It is believe that the Spanish tactician will take on the coaching role when this current season ends up until 2016 as they have already signed a contract to that year. Ever since leaving Barcelona, Guardiola was being linked to numerous clubs from around Europe including: Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and PSG.

Following his successful era with Barcelona it’s no wonder why all the top clubs from around the world want to take him in as their coach. He coached what many believe to be the very best club in the history of football. Winning 14 trophies in the 4 seasons that he coached Barcelona and just breaking records after every year was over.

Tito Vilanova will remain as the current coach of Barcelona as he had succeeded the reign of Guardiola with a current 1 place position in La Liga everything has been going superb for him ever since taking charge in his new role and replacing Guardiola.

His decision to take charge of Bayern Munich came to many people as a rather shock taking into consideration that he had already expressed his desire on coaching a club in the Premier League.

“It is unique, to play in that league. I want to feel the supporters, the environment, the media and the style of the players.

“I am still young, just 41, so I hope in the future I could train there and enjoy that. I have always found English football very fascinating. The support of the home team is amazing.  Guardiola stated.