After playing against Anzhi, CSKA Moscow might be sanctioned once again

November 26, 2015 Off By index

Anzhi Makhachkala and CSKA Moscow are clubs that are in completely different positions; Moscow has not lost any of their 6 initial matches of the Russian Premier Leagues which has allowed the club to secure the top spot of the Russian League meanwhile Anzhi Makhachkala was just promoted to the elite competition of Russia and have not managed to claim a single victory from their opening 6 games of the 2015-16 season.

Both sides faced off against each other on August 1rst and it concluded with CSKA Moscow snatching a 1-0 triumph.

This victory might have arrived at a hefty cost for CSKA Moscow as Anzhi Makhachkala has launched complaints regarding the discipline and certain actions that the fans of the home team displayed.

The general director of Anzhi, Sergei Korablev released the following statement: “The chants from the CSKA fans were insulting towards our club and the fans as they were expressing hostility on the basis of one’s nationality. They did not only insult Anzhi, but also the whole of the Caucasus region, which for centuries has been used to living as a peaceful multinational family,”

This isn’t the first time that CSKA Moscow was in danger of being sanctioned as they have already been punished due to the discipline of their fans back in October of 2014 when CSKA Moscow was forced to play 3 Champions League matches with an empty stadium and were fined with a fee of $220,000 by UEFA.

During the last 2 seasons of the Russian Premier League there seems to have an increased amount of cases involving racism and discriminatory actions that have been going on which might affect the approaching 2018 World Cup which will be taking place in Russia.

The anti-discrimination group called: ‘’FARE’’ launched a report earlier in February which recorded over 190 cases of racism as well as discriminatory actions which have been occurring in Russian football since the past 2 seasons.